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Pushmataha Hospital & Home Health



          Professional In-patient & Out-Patient Medical 

        Services including... 


                - Broad Range of Surgical Procedures Offered

                - In-patient and Day Procedures

                - Adult and Pediatric Services

                - Endoscopy & Laparoscopic Procedures

                - Diagnostic Testing with Mammography, MRI, and

                  CT Scanning (24 hour radiologist interpretation)

                - Sonography

                - Respiratory Therapy

                - Adult and Pediatric Dental Procedures

                - Emergency & Urgent Care (EMS on-site 24/7)

                - Laboratory In-patient and Out-patient Services

                - Discharge Planning for post care needs



          Home Health Services: "A continuum of quality

          health care in the comfort of your home"...


                - Services a 50 Mile Radius of Antlers

                - Skilled Nursing Services

                - Provides Physical Therapy

            - Skilled Nursing Services - Nursing provided by a

                   registered nurse (RN), nurse practitioner (NP),

                   or a licensed practical nurse (LPN)

                - Respiratory Therapy

                - Custodial Care

                - Medical Equipment Assistance

                - Certified Home Health Aides




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