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Renovation Project

The General Contractor for the Construction and Renovation of the hospital is Nabholz Construction Services of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 
The Project Superintendents are
Mr. James McElhany and Mr. James Brannon. 
The Architect is Ms. Connie McFarland of McFarland Davies Architects
of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

October 2010 Update

Why are all those construction fences up around the Hospital?  Why can’t we find a parking space? What happened to all those trees?  Those questions and many others are being asked about the construction and renovation which is taking place at Push Hospital.


Currently, renovation is being done on the interior of the northwest and west sides of the hospital. Demolition of the interior patient rooms from the ceiling to the floor tiles has started.  When finished, most of the rooms will be private with a bath or shower.  There will be some changes in the floor plans of these rooms.


Concrete has been poured on the south parking lot on the southwest.  This area will be the new heliport for the helicopter.

It will be the permanent landing area for the helicopter. The temporary landing area for the helicopter is now located on the southeast area parking lot, which unfortunately lost a beautiful big tree in order to make it a landing pad.


A new Emergency Room is planned for the northwest corner area of the hospital.  The new ER will have new treatment rooms, a new nurses’ station, and a new admission office; all to better serve our patient community.  In addition, there will be more privacy in the new Emergency Room area.  There also will be a new entrance to the ER which will have additional parking and ambulance loading and unloading. Unfortunately, in order to develop this new entrance, some of the trees had to be removed to make way for the new additional upgrades and features.



The roof work started this week and will be completed by next week. No more leaking flat roof!  A new sloped roof is being installed and will be a great addition to the hospital.             By Mary Ellis

November 2010 Update

Why are they building a canopy on the north wall of the hospital?  Has the retaining wall been completed?  Is the roof still leaking?


A canopy is being built on the north wall of the hospital for the ambulance to enter with patients for the new Emergency Room.  It has now been completed.


The retaining wall has also been completed.  This will be a nice addition to the area and will level the difference between the ground and the hospital.


The roof is not leaking and we have had survived several rains!


The electricians and plumbers continue to complete the wall rough ins on the west and north sides of the hospital.  In ten days, the sheet rock will be started in the new rooms.


In the court yard, a concrete pad has been laid in order to support the new condenser for the west side of the building.


The hot water lines for heating will be installed by close of business Wednesday.


We are waiting for the controller to come here to get the frequency for the pilot controlled lighting.


We hope in three weeks to start EIFS (External Insulation Finish System) for the new parapet.


 Please feel free to call the hospital and ask for me (Mary Ellis) if you have any questions about our construction.


Another update in two weeks!


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